What to Know Before Hiring a Marketing Agency?

By Ahadu Promotions

What to Know Before Hiring a Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency or marketing company is basically a business responsible for research, analysis, strategy, branding and promotion of products or services.

Before you start working with a marketing agency there are some things you need know and get prepared. After all, the marketing agency is going to be in charge of bolstering and promoting your brand online, so it’s important that you make good decisions.


1. Know What You Want

When companies are faced with a marketing option, often they just want to market their products or services with a fair budget. When in reality, what matters is the objective of the marketing. which will also make it easier for the marketing agencies to lay out a proper marketing strategy and plan out the entire marketing budget before it even starts. Do you want more sales? More leads? Better marketing for something of value that you'll lose if you don't pay back a loan? A new website? Just like any transaction, if you come unprepared, you are setting yourself up to be taken advantage of.

2. Learn About The Services They Provide

For instance, at Ahadu Promotions we offer Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Landing Page Programs, Web Design, Video Production, and more because our team members are experts at maintaining brand/direct marketing consistency.

Sometimes, if a marketing agency doesn’t provide a certain service you need, they may have trusted other partners to which they can refer you to.

Again, do your homework on these partners, but if you know, like, and trust your marketing agency, then assume they’re placing you in good hands. Personally, we vet every partner ourselves before we consider offering their services to our clients because, at the end of the day, it is our reputation on the line.

3. Plan Out Your Involvement in The Project

Maybe, you’ll hire a marketing agency to take care of the projects you just don’t want to handle. In fact, we have a considerable number of clients hire us for a full-service social marketing program that requires limited involvement on their end. Other times, our clients let us know that they want to be involved at each step of the way. Either way is fine, but it’s equally important to let your marketing agency know how involved and accessible you will be so they can plan resources and timeframe accordingly. If you don’t live up to those expectations, then the marketing program can easily become a failure for both parties.

4. Read Their Agreement Paper Carefully

A reputable and professional marketing agency will provide you with a formal contract and scope of work to get the program started. In these proposals, they’ll usually include some legal terms that speak to the length of the contract, cancellation process, and indemnification from future lawsuits. Be sure you read these terms, as they are legally binding once you sign. If you sign on for a twelve-month commitment and decide to cancel after three months, then you will be legally bound to them for another nine months. If need be, send to a lawyer to review if you feel overwhelmed by all the legalese.

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