What is Your Promotions?

By Ahadu Promotions

What is Promotion?

If there is a new TV set, the manufacturer will be able to rely on the product and be sure to have a sales team ready for the market. Now the question is how can the company add this amazing TV to the public interest? The answer, then, is promotion. We can see below about the nature and types of promotion.

Promotion is a form of communication between buyer and seller. The seller will try to persuade them to buy their goods or services through promotions. It helps people know about a product, service or company and even events. It also helps to improve the public image of a company. This marketing strategy can create interest in the buyer's mind and generate loyal customers.

Known as the Four P's, Prise, Product, Promotion and Place are one of the basics of marketing. It is also one of the items in a promotional mix or promotional plan. These include personal sales, advertising, sales promotion, live marketing and may include event marketing, exhibitions and trade shows.

Types of Promotion


1. Advertising

It means promoting a product, service or company with the help of television, radio or social media. It helps to raise awareness about the company, the product or the service. Advertising is broadcast through traditional media, including newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and outdoor advertising. News media such as search results, articles, social media, websites or text messages.

2. Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a type of advertising that allows customers to communicate directly with customers through a variety of media, including text messaging, email, websites, online advertising, flyers, catalog distribution, advertising letters and targeted TV, newspaper and magazine advertisements. Also outdoor advertising. It is also known as a direct response among experts.

3. Sales Promotion

Sales promotion uses both media and non-media marketing communications for pre- and post-exposure to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand, or improve product supply.

4. Private Sales

The sale of a product depends on the sale of the product. Private sales are a way for companies to send their agents to consumers to sell their products privately. Here, the feedback is immediate and they build trust with the most important customer.

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