The Next Goal, Domination!

Integrating Both Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategies.


Social Media Management

We increase your social media presence through high-quality content, daily activity, occasional campaigns, social media posts and ads (Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, etc.), increasing public engagement.

Graphic Design

We work with your brand, banner, logo design and website graphics to make your products or services available to your customers forever.

Promotional Printing Services

We are working to expand the reach by distributing press advertisements or personal flyers, business cards, brochures, textiles and more to local clients.

Content Overview or Creation

We will review any social content that you have made available to the public and make it more accessible to the market. Including flyers, flyers, flyers, and so on.

Website Development

Build and maintain your company's website as well as a smart, more marketable, fast-paced and seamless user-friendly interface.

Video Production

Compared to text content, it is easier to capture video format. We are here to help your customers understand and attract you in the right way.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic or unpaid user traffic for your digital platform is the process of optimizing the page from the search engine results page.

About Us


Creative | Objective | Consistent

Ahadu Promotions is an Ethiopian marketing agency, integrating both traditional and digital marketing strategies for the best results companies require to dominate their market and achieve their business goals.

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Dominate Your Market!

Ahadu Promotions

To succeed in today's business world, you must lead your business. There is a stark contrast between competition and domination.

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What is Promotion?

Ahadu Promotions

Promotion is a form of communication between buyer and seller. The seller will try to persuade them to buy their goods or services through promotions.

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Why Hire a Marketing Agency?

Ahadu Promotions

In a world where everyone lives on the Internet, Internet marketing plays an important role in the success and understanding of your business.

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